Special Smoked Salmon Scrambles

These scrambled eggs are very special and would live up to the saying 'Fit for Kings'. They make a delicious brunch. So, treat yourself and have these scrambled eggs this weekend... Ingredients (for two) 6 eggs 50g butter 100ml double cream 100g smoked salmon Bunch of tarragon chopped Grating of nutmeg Pepper Method 1. Whisk … Continue reading Special Smoked Salmon Scrambles


Scrumptious Sea Bass Saturday Supper

Last weekend we had a wonderful sea bass Saturday night supper. This is a dish that has grown in gloriousness since we have been married. Sometimes, contrary to your goal of improvement, when you keep adding to a recipe you can end up taking away the initial brilliance of it. Not with this recipe. Even … Continue reading Scrumptious Sea Bass Saturday Supper